Spring Sale!

News / 26 March 2019

Stickers, magnets, trading cards and prints are 30% off from March 24-30th!

Will Be @ Aki Con - Jan 4-6th!

News / 04 January 2019

Will be boothing at Aki Con on January 4-6. 



June 2018: New Website Up and Runnin!

News / 06 June 2018

Decided to pull the trigger and try out the Artstation Pro subscription. It's pretty nifty so far. My portfolio still needs some work, but at least I've been able to get the initial set up with some of my previous works all laid out. You can reach it by going to www.ArtofPri.com

Next up..... gettin a jerbbbb. :P 

April 2018: Farewell, Camouflaj! Hello, Unemployment!

News / 06 June 2018

Sad to say, but I was part of a studio layoff this month. I've been laid off before, and I think the initial sting will always occur, but my perspective has changed over the years when these types of things happen. Yes, it is part of the business, but putting it in a new perspective I see it as being given and opportunity to discover something new. My only disappointment is not getting to work with that particularly awesome team again; but it's a small industry and I'm sure we'll get to work together again. :)

To the folks who are left, I wish you all the best!

<3 Pri