Pri's Christmas List for Artists! Part 1

General / 01 December 2018

Have an artist friend, but you don't know what to get them for Christmas? Fear not! Here's a fun list of ideas with different price ranges for all! 

The Traveling Artist

Sakura Watercolors Field Sketch Set: Fun little pocket size set that comes with it's own mixing tray. Really dig it and have created cool things in random places.

Soucolor Water Coloring Brush Pens: Handy and pairs well with the travel watercolor set instead of bringing a separate water jar for cleaning. The bristles aren't the best though, so these are great for water color sketches, but maybe difficult to use for well thought out pieces of work.

Caselogic Cross Body Bag for DSLR and Ipad: Been using this bag for years and it still looks brand new. Holds QUITE A LOT for being so little. I use it as both my sketching bag, my photography bag and my everyday use bag.

Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker: This has been a great little speaker with great sound quality and long battery life. Only problem I have with it is if you dare use the volume buttons on the speaker itself rather than your bluetooth device, the loudest BEEEEEEEEP will sound off every time you press it. I'm not sure why they felt they had to do that but... it's a thing.

The Crafty Artist:

Studio Designs Futura WorkCenter : Great versatile desk for all sorts of crafts and arting. you can even raise one part of the desk to get a easel effect as well as maybe put a light underneath to use the glass surface as a light table. I also like that you can work on one side of the table and put all your needed supplies on the other with out them getting in your way.

Copic Markers: It took me a while to transition from Prismacolor markers to Copics because the sticker price on Copics is just so high. But, when I finally made the change, it was totally worth it! Haven't needed to throw a single marker away, since you can buy inkwells to refill them on the cheap! Also, Copics have given me such a higher quality effect in blending. I truly love my cool and warm grey sets.

Copic Empty Wallet: If you're like me, and you bought all those cool and warm grey sets.. well guess what! They all fit in this handy travel case.

Copic Marker Copic Opaque White Pigment: Absolutely love this stuff. It goes on nice and smooth and very very opaque. Great for accenting pieces. Big issue though is keeping it from drying out in the container once you've opened it.

Nail Polish Holder: So you must be thinking... what? Why a nail polish holder? Well, because if you do any sort of modeling painting and have all those tiny little paint bottles and no place to organize them accept to buy a very expensive paint organizer.... guess what! This works just as well and is super cheap.. and tbh, looks nicer.

Classroom Keepers Construction Paper Storage: Self-explanatory. It's helped me keep my mess of an office less messy.

Asayu Shaping Modeling Wipe Out tools Rubber Tip Paint Brushes: These have become super handy in times where you needed detail sculpting or even just painting something with a substance that will destroy your nice brushes, like acetone or glue.